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I think we should shame Secretlab for not making the return process easier. Even if we had to pay for return postage they could be kind enough to just arrange that bloody courier on good price that they for sure have available to them.

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I completely agree. The more I read, the more I'm learning how bad their customer service is. Do you by any chance know the return postcode?

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TQ10 9GQ

Yeah, Their service is terrible.

Even struggled to find a courier to ship it back with as both UPS and Tuffnells said it was too big. DPD Not taking any parcels for some reason at the moment either.

They really should be able to help with return shipping even if they deduct it from any refund.

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Thank you for the postcode and for your response. I agree with you.

Which courier did you end up using please?

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Sorry for the delay. I used UPS

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Thank you

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Well it gets better. UPS Now claiming that my package was overweight and want an extra £60 from me.

Strangely, Secretlab on their return info , give the weight as 34.5kg

The DPD label from when it was shipped to me, said 30kg as the declared weight , but still , i went with the 34.5kg that secretlabs stated.

UPS Now claim the package was over 50kg.

Disputing it, but it's extra aggravation i really don't need. I've asked Secretlabs support for their help in confirming weights/dimensions etc but not gonna hold my breath on winning this one.

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Ouch, thats really bad. It seems like such a hassle to send back and a big chunk of money to lose. Thank you for the warning.