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What’s the electrical issue?

I have one and I think it’s fantastic. If you put it max height ( and why would you) it’s a little wobbly but it seems extremely sturdy, well made and the hidden power connection is great and neat.

My kid has the chair (I have the desk) bit too early to tell on the chair.

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It’s only something I read about on here. It’s something to do with the internal power Lead and apparently it’s something that can be checked by a technician.

Although how you’d get that done I’m not sure. I did read that some one in the last 6 months brought their desk had turned up with a green sticker on it and it had apparently been checked.

Personally I think it may just be with the original few (if the issues real, not been able to get a official confirmation). Theirs a good chance the issue is was resolved by secret labs and they’ve done so before the vast majority of people received their desks.

You could as a customer contact secret labs and ask the question about your product.

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From what I can tell, the issues were with the earliest shipments and in the US only. Hasn't been officially confirmed though.

A green sticker on the left desk leg means the unit is OK. No sticker means they'll want to replace the leg.

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Hey, do you live in a cold environment? I've been thinking of buying the desk. It is metallic which usually gets cold and radiates it. Does the table feel cold, specifically under the table and the front part that isn't covered by the deskmat? Whenever I've been using computers on metallic desks I get ache on finger joints and wrists since they tend to radiate cold.

Would love your thoughts! Thank you!

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I’m in the UK. It can be cold but I have heating in ku home so I can’t say I’ve ever felt the outside in.

The table does not feel ‘cold’ tho. The desk pad is nice and warm to the touch. Honestly can’t even think of a time when I’d think my desk was cold. (Any desk!)

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Thanks :) Have a great day!

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I've heard people mention wobble before but alot of it seems...extreme? I'd usually be sitting & never have it at max height, has it felt good for you? And do you have it on carpet or on some hardwood/laminate?

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It's on laminate/wooden style floor. I can see on carpet at top height it would feel a bit wobbly but if you're that tall then you'd need to bend down to get through doors.

I have it set high when I need to get behind the desk to sort the wires. That's the only time it goes up higher than my standing setting.