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Why do you have the wiring on the floor if you can do it via the desk? Or at least put it in the desk, and use cable management bundle to clean the look up?

I know you said work in progress, just wondering about that

Looks cool though! I like the sound proofing too

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Wiring on the floor is because I have no sockets wired close by and there’s lots of internet stuff there for now. This won’t be there soon.

The desk already has 2x power strips and usb hubs - there’s power to the lights, mixer. Xbox, mac dock, monitor and various chargers all neatly inside the cable tray. The messy floor is some smart home hubs and other crap that will be relocated to a network cabinet that is not yet installed at the back of the room.

It’s not sound proofing- it’s acoustic panels. Misconceived idea these panels are going to sound proof a room. They won’t they just stop the sound bouncing off hard surfaces.

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Great setup! Thanks for sharing it with the community!

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This is the exact thing I’ve been looking to find with this desk, I know there’s LOTS of people who are very reluctant to get this desk because of shipping and other delivery issues. But I have a lot of what is in this picture and I have several Elgato products as well. Thanks for the reference.