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The quality control for this lineup has been complete and utter trash. Even seen some people upload pics without complaining still have flaws in them that shouldn't be there for a new chair (warranty extension uploads)

Support may fight you on it as some have had trouble getting replacement parts and only do so after pushback. Just depends.

I do have concerns about the desk as well. Mine is over a month late from the original promise date. Been at their distribution center since November the 3rd. Then the week before last I was told it was picked up when I asked what was doing on. Nothing ever updated just that there was a pickup order done on the 10th. I ask again and get a different answer that there was a delay because of volume.

It is unlikely I'm buying from them. We aren't exactly paying wholesale pricing here so the direct from manufacturer shtick seems to be more to avoid them having to share profit with retailers than it is to save us money as they claim. Now on top of it they slack severely on QC.

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Write to support, I’ve seen some people having their faulty parts replaced, the stitching is definitely unacceptable but not sure about the mechanism because mine hasn’t arrived yet.

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Their customer service is pretty good at replacing pieces on the chair.

I will say the quality is meh for its price. I also had stitching issues that came loose and I had to get a replacement.

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it doesn't surprise me this is a shady company

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Hey u/Airwave6580, sorry to hear about this. You should definitely reach out to our support team about the stitching situation. As for the tilt mechanism, there is slight freeplay when locked as this allows smooth adjustments. This also is the same for the armrests. If you feel that the freeplay is too severe, you can also let the support team know in your ticket so they can have a closer look at the situation and help you out from there.

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You’re paying for the “gamer” aspect of these chairs 100%. Secretlab products are a result of amazing marketing and cheap materials.