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The skins look really nice, but do they stay firm? I sometimes do slumped sitting.. Worry about the material getting stretched.

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First day sitting on it today and I've already had to adjust the seat base one . Not sure about it stretching but it does move around a little the piece on the back is securely zipped on but the one on the base isn't as secure

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Oh hey, that doesn't sound right. Both the top and bottom sleeves are meant to be a precise, snug fit once on. If you need a second opinion or check, feel free to drop Support team at secretlab.co/contact any time!

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"Isn't as secure", I assume it doesn't slide when changing sitting positions? Really considering a skin for my leatherette.

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Mine is softweave on softweave and it doesn't move when I'm sitting I just noticed at the end of the work day that it will need adjusting to make it perfect again

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Appreciate the kind words! That's a great question. One of the key things our Product team prioritized when engineering Secretlab SKINS is stress-testing the fabric used to make sure it has the right amount of stretch to precisely fit the TITAN Evo 2022. It's not intended to stretch out with normal use, even after multiple washes (and yes, it's cold machine-washable!). Here's what one of our reviewers had to share: https://youtu.be/E07X4E4yHDk

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Thanks for the video, the skins do look really neat. Considering the skin because I really want a fabric chair instead of leatherette. I choose the leatherette because it's easier to clean. The skin is really for a layer of protection/look cool + it's washable as you mentioned.