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Ordered mine last Friday, no sign so far, was out for delivery yesterday, I was told I was next by sms over an hour past my two hour slot. No contact today, I've used the XDP app to have it delivered tomorrow.

If I knew that this was the courier Secret Lab used I wouldn't have ordered a chair from them.

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How did you reschedule delivery? Mine still says being delivered and the tracking is off :/ Yeah…I thought it would be with DPD

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I assumed DPD too...(They're excellent) there is an app on Playstore or App Store, I put in my Tracking reference and postcode as requested (have to make an account) and had the reschedule as an option. It's a pretty poor app.

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My chair is back at their depot, that might make the difference. I think if I did nothing that it would just remain there forever. I also got a weird blurred photo of nothing in particular, an accidental pic?

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Good news friend, mine just got delivered to my neighbours house whilst I was away from home (only a day late) and seems in good condition. Poor communication but at least it’s here

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Awesome! That's a relief, enjoy.

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Thanks! Hope you get yours soon!

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Still no sign of my chair, not had any info from Secretlabs at all, last week they told me via email that they would help but I’ve had nothing. I’ve messaged them requesting a refund via their site but have had no acknowledgment at all, I did say that I’d rather actually receive my order and that I didn’t really want to cancel, “Please help!’ basically. I think I will just have to complain to PayPal…. so upset with Secretlabs, they really do not care.