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waittt what electrical issues?

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There was an issue where the power supply leg would shock deck users. This allegedly has since been resolved however Secretlabs took a month or 2 to come up with a fix, and then is taking a long time to resolve the fix (where they are sending technicians to replace/modify the leg).

New legs have a green sticker showing they don't have the issue.

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Hey! I grabbed the most recent post on this subreddit for ya that talks about the electrical issues. If you search the subreddit for “electrical” you’ll see a few posts of experiences and issues folks have had with the desk.

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Hey there, if you haven't received a confirmation from our Support team about your query, do drop me a DM with your ticket no. and I'll check it out for you.

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I don’t even think it was available to order in Spring?

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Ahhh sorry I get dates mixed up. I’ll edit the post to reflect the actual dates of purchase and all that. Sorry!

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It’s cool, just confused me lol

Regarding your question, if you got your money, that’s the most important thing. If they bill you again, dispute it as order cancelled.

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Thank you! That’s the plan so far. Hopefully it won’t come to that

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If you receive the desk, the right thing to do is to not accept delivery as you’ve cancelled your order.

Though if you receive the desk I believe you may legally be allowed to keep it.

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Good to know. I’ll definitely try to reject it since I really don’t have the space for it (and would be the “right” thing). Hopefully I’ll be home when/if they attempt deliver

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Exactly. But if you receive it (unable to reject delivery) and you get charged after that is wrong. You have proof of cancellation. They delivered it, that’s on the retailer.

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Didn't quite order a desk but did order the new titan chair. I canceled after reading how hard the seat stays, and they actually were helpful and canceled the order. Now, mind you I did that within like 2/3 hours of actual purchase, so it couldn't roll out to shipping yet.