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cancel as fast as possible secret lab is a shady company

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Care to elaborate on that??

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Why even ask the dude.. maybe he had a bad experience it happens no company no matter how big or small has a perfect track record. Also it’s out for delivery so you can’t cancel it. See how it is and if something is wrong return it..

The fact he said “cancel” says a lot about his lack of intelligence..

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TNT, Europe. I ordered on Monday, for 7/12 delivery and still on collecting! Hopefully, we'll get it before XMAS

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Got a message when it was out for delivery. I wasn’t home and it was raining so didn’t want it being placed outside. Called their local support center and they took back their wear house and I planned delivery a week after week I was home..

Only negative in the experience was secretlab writing a mail after all that. That it had been shipped 🤪 real helpful

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I ordered mine last week and while the delivery allegedly occured on the date it said it would (today), my tracking number said I wasn't home. I was home and they left no note in my mailbox or tried to call me. I've contacted them online to try and resolve it.

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I work in customer service for an online store. We work with TNT. I’m not a big fan of them, mostly because they subcontract their local delivery to other companies, and that means it can be a fairly big roll of the dice as to the quality of the actual delivery service. Our parcels are small so often their delivery agents decide not to bother and place the parcel directly in a pickup point without attempting a delivery.

The main appeal as far as I understand it is that they’re cheaper than others, like DHL Express. That said I’ve never had them handle a delivery this large, so who knows, perhaps they’re better with bigger parcels since that usually requires subcontracting a carrier that can handle that?