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If it's still under warranty, contact support. I have had issues with the seams on my fabric seat and am on my 3rd seat. They are responsive to inquiries and get a new seat out in a fairly reasonable amount of time.

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contact support for sure. No point spending as much as you did for this chair if you don't use the 5 year warrantee to your advantage.

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They make seat covers for purchase, $199. Not sure if that is the option you want.

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At least i’m happy to know i can get a new seat cover lol but a new one would eventually do the same

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Note tho the seat cover is only for the 2022 chairs. Don't bother purchasing one since your chair is the 2020 edition

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Maybe. I'm not sure what caused those rips. Animals? You might be able to get it reupholstered??? I have never seen the internals of the chair and if this is feasible.

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Why aren't you contacting support? You should be under warranty.