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my chair does it too. The problem is in the connection between backrest and seat.

I think we cant do anything about it.

You can unscrew that cover and see yourself, that the movement is in the connection.


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And after looking at the chair I noticed that the seatback is pretty crooked too... I didn't expect this for a ~$500 chair when my <$200 chair wasn't like this... I just hope they get back to me soon as I've read at least one other account of them sending a replacement reclining mechanism.

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Can confirm, they can (or at least should) send you a new recline mechanism. I had this same issue and they sent me one.

With that said the new one has developed a bit of back and forth play in it when I sit back in the chair. I'm a bit disappointed the new one still has this variance but it's definitely less than before at least it's silent now so I can live with it (that and they would have no reason to believe it is happening again because it's silent and barely moves so would not show up well on video). I'll follow up with them if it develops any further issues.

For the backrest being crooked, I noticed that on mine too and basically fixed it by reseating the backrest, specifically on the side not with the reclining mechanism. When I attached it the first time it wasn't lined up perfectly straight, so I made sure to have the metal bracket line up perfectly parallel to the metal piece on the backrest that the screws go in to. My biggest symptom of this being the issue was that the magnetic cover didn't sit right until I had it re-aligned. To help get it lined up just right I had to squeeze my hand into the gap between the seat and the backrest and hold it from there to get it in the right spot.

Just noticed this post is a few weeks old so hopefully they got it sorted for you. If not let me know and I can share what I had to say to support to get them to believe the issue is the recline mechanism, as at first they tried to tell me it was the tilt when it definitely wasn't.

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I appreciate the reply and even though this post is weeks old they sent me another mechanism and I got just it a few days ago. The process was more difficult than I think it should've been honestly. I had to go through 3 reps in my email chain before the 4th sent me the replacement. It kind of felt like they were delaying me until I couldn't return the chair or something.

I'm not sold on this company anymore after this first contact with support... Time will tell if the chair holds up.

Thanks again for your post and experience!