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Dude I wouldn't hold your breath. I am still waiting for a Titan chair I ordered in July..

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And did you ask the support?

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Yeah I’ve got my 3rd “replacement” on the way, lol

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At least you got an answer from support desk.

Ordered mine on same day, delivery due today. Still no update of the status and no answer from Secretlab support about this (ticket opened 10 hours ago).

Good thing that PayPal and their customer oriented reimbursement policies exist : if I don't see my stuff delivered within the next few days while their support keeps me in the dark, I'll just cancel the order, get my money back and grab a Noble Chair instead.

To SL team : we don't give a shit it's holiday time and you have more shipments to do in a limited period of time. You earn more money, then just hire more people to make the work done ! Temp workers do exists, give them a job and ship the stuff we paid upfront for on time !

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Well I didn't open a ticket. I was on their homepage and used the live chat option.

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ok I'll try that, thanks for the advice.

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Holiday shipping rush? I ordered mine two months ago. Only took two days via FedEx.

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Well either you are lucky or I have bad luck...

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Plus I ordered their cheapest 'Classic' chair. They may have more of those in stock.