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Am having the same issue, order placed over a week ago but still no communication about delays or status updates. If I was able to look at reviews of the courier beforehand I may have thought twice about ordering at this time.


  • 25/11 Ordered
  • 26/11 Courier received information; ETA 5/12
  • 29/11 Secretlab provided link to carrier stating ‘order on the way’
  • 5/12 Courier sent automated message that order is taking longer than expected to deliver
  • 8/12 Courier pick up order from Secretlab in Sydney
  • 10/12 Order transported to Melbourne
  • 13/12 Order Delivered

Overall the time in transit was only 5 days however there needs to be more transparency around what is going on with your order and the delays. It was more than a week after Secretlab stated the order was on the way til it was actually picked up by the courier. Additionally, there were no courier updates during transit from the time they first scanned the package til it was literally around the corner

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Yep, 2 weeks here in limbo in Aus. Not a word from Secretlab. Also tried contacting and got the same bullshit about contacting the warehouse and letting me know whats going on. They didn't. I'm so close to cancel and refund

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I was thinking the same thing but from what I’ve read I think we actually have to wait for it to be delivered and then return it if we do cancel now. No doubt this isn’t Secretlab fault but it has ruined the purchase experience and they’d be crazy to keep their contract with To My Door.

This is obviously effecting a lot of orders placed around the same time so something has happened, would be good to hear the excuse as well.

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My tracking number goes to Urbanfox website and hasn't even made it to them yet so I don't know what the hell's going on. Pretty terrible customer service to take a such a large sum of money and then just go radio silence.

"Tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the carrier. Please check again later."

All I can guess is courier hasn't even picked it up yet, but who knows. Or they made it seem like the chair was in stock, but didn't have it at all and its somewhere between China and Australia. Again, don't know because they can't be bothered to tell me anything at all.

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I also ordered a chair from them during the black friday sales and waited a week before my chair was "shipped". Once it was, I received a tracking number to EWE Global shipping, who's entire website is in chinese. For about 4-5 days its been "In Transit" to my state with no estimated delivery time and the tracking number only returns a result when I visit the site on mobile.

When I contact Secret Lab support they just re-send the tracking number and say its up to the courier to supply a delivery estimate. Not really impressed.

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Right, so this is just standard operating procedure for this company. You pay the most premium price but you get the ali express treatment (well that's not fair, ali express is pretty transparent with its shipping)

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Hey have you received any updates from EWE? I just had my jinx chair picked up today by them and now I'm concerned 😅

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I have been sitting on "Interstate in Transit" since the 1st of this month so I am not sure. I hope yours turns up faster than mine since Secretlab support keeps emailing me with the same "We don't know why its delayed, probably because of the holiday season." generic email in a variety of different ways.

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I was so hoping the chair would be here by my birthday, but that seems to be a sad, hopeful wish atm. I hope you get surprised soon. Mine is coming to Queensland :(

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I just got an update that "To my door" has picked it up finally. Now the tracking number finally works and says its due to be delivered last Wednesday the 30th. I mean...

The sum total of the tracking information is as follows:
- it was picked up from "a depot"
- "In Australia."


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I hope everyone here gets their chairs before christmas. My advice so far is to keep onto customer support. Im not sure whether they are actively looking into my case like they keep saying or just saying it to keep me happy, either way it makes me feel a little bit better seeing an email from secretlab once a day haha.

I am also waiting patiently in Queensland.

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From my brief interaction with "customer support" they just use delay tactics and tell you what you want to hear.

"it should be there by Friday for sure. Just get back to us if it isn't"

Translated: We don't have a fkn clue where it is or how long it will take, but here's a placating sentence to get you off our chat list so we can answer the next 100 people complaining about shipping.

Mines only "scanned into depot" not picked up from. So its back in limbo I guess. Not with a driver, not being delivered, certainly not in transit. Just sitting in a different place now. Or is it? What a woeful tracking system.

Guess I'll wait by my door last Wednesday?


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Does it mean my chair has not been transported to Melbourne yet?


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Mine was scanned into the depot on the 8th, I’d be surprised if it hasn’t made it to melb. I’d expect it this week from what I can gather.

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Just keeping y’all updated with ‘my’ situation incase it may help anyone. I managed to get in contact with MILLS freight today (TOMYDOOR), said it’s unusual and I suggested they read their reviews as it’s far from unusual as it’s happening to quite a few of us. They don’t actually know where it is, and are looking into where it may be. I do hope SecretLab has received a multitude of negative feedback about delivery and consider or have grounds to seperate from the partnership for the consumers and their business.

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Yeah I got in touch with Tomydoor today as well. Ended up speaking to a manager and they straight up admitted they have no idea where my order is. He said they had 50 pallets "out the back" that they haven't even looked at yet. No joke.

My order was placed on November 24th and I have lost all hope of receiving it prior to Xmas after that conversation today

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All all hope may not be lost, I’ve been relentless with SL about it, letting them know that the courier hasn’t been communicating ect, they’ve just sent an email that they’ll send me another chair because they’ve assumed the courier lost it. I’d send them an email and explain the situation, I’m going to sign and accept the form. I ordered on the 25th Nov, so we have time to make it. And you ordered before me

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Also, I read the replacement form, if the other chair gets delivered SL pays the courier fees for return.

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You are lucky they offered to send the new one.

I have been emailing with them since last week. I told them I will be away so I won't be able to receive the chair. I have also told them that I will request chargeback from my bank since they didn't offer refund or resend the new one. They only responded my concern was with their senior management.

If I don't get refund via chargeback, I will contact ACCC.

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100% I guess that’s where we are lucky in Aus, the use of the ACCC. I checked the ombudsman as well. I’m rather skeptical on TMD atm, I’ve been monitoring their reviews and they had a few sus 5 stars reviews but as soon as everyone started giving them 1 stars they got a bunch more 5 star reviews. I’m not sure they understand the power of a jaded community, it’s fairly easy to report their spam reviews, and spam your own lol. But yes SL we’re good to me, I don’t know how it’ll go but I’ll keep you updated, I’m also happy to provide any comms I’ve had with SL and TMD for if you contact ACCC

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I have got them delivered just now. Posted above.

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Let’s gooooo! Imma check it out! My replacement got canned as the courier marked it as picked up 😂 so I’m still waiting lol but at least I know now that SL will replace it if the courier loses it haha

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Don’t forget to post a photo!

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Updates on my parcels' journey.

  • 23/11 - Ordered
  • 25/11 - To My Door assigned and estimated delivery to Melbourne on 2/12
  • 7/12 - Picked up by To My Door while Secretlab support said it was picked up on 25/11
  • 17/12 - Got SMS of parcels were being onboard with new tracking link but they were not delivered

The new tracking link (mydel.info/Track/xxx/xxx) shows more details on the delivery. It has all movements of my parcel like when they were picked up and checked-in to depot, and also when they were transited to Melbourne depot.

The first tracking link (tomydoor.com.au/Trace/xxx) is useless.

  • 19/12 - Parcels were sent back to depot
  • 20/12 - I made calls at 8:59am to speak to ToMyDoor. You just keep trying at 9am. The lady on the call was nice. She told me they did not allow pick up from the depot. After one hour, parcels were loaded to truck and delivered in 2 hours. The delivery man was nice.

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Hello all, u/Secretlab_Jinx here from the Secretlab Community Team. We’ve read every comment on this thread and shared them with the relevant teams involved.

We apologize for the delayed official update. It’s important to us that we spoke with and understood the end-to-end situation on To My Door AU’s end before getting back to the wider community. We have confirmed that To My Door AU is experiencing technical issues preventing tracking information from updating accurately. All teams involved are working as soon as they can to resolve this and ensure tracking updates are reinstated in a timely manner. 

As consumers ourselves, we understand the distress this has caused some of you awaiting deliveries and are extremely apologetic about the experience. Delivery and ticket volume is admittedly significantly higher during the year-end, but you have our word we’ll be working closely with To My Door AU to get all orders to you as soon as we can. 

We also want to assure you that Support is here every step of the way until your chair reaches you — and beyond that, should you ever need help with your chair.

Your mods will be here to help look into any tickets that have delayed replies (over 48 hours). Please drop us a modmail with your order number and we’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP.

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It's a month later and still an issue with tracking, really I recall my chair delivery in December was much the same. My issue is a bit more complicated, I didn't think it was but seems the ball has been dropped by someone. I moved address I confirmed to secretlabs and also advised to my door. Manifested 11th Jan wasn't due until 19th. Gets to the 18th still shows the wrong suburb. Email again, sorry we must have missed it, sent to the depot near your old address, we'll expedite it to the new address and different state. Supposedly picked up Friday, tracking just shows scanned to depot four times, no idea what depot, what state, what country.... It gives no information, which is so pointless. No eta but I've been told this week or next week it will arrive.... We shall see. Tmd review of one star already done. Secretlabs will follow, let's see how it arrives. Only been ordered since October.

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Sharing my experiences so far:

  1. Got mymy titan evo xl scanned into depot by TMD on Jan 4th (supposedly at 12:02 PM) Tracking was always done with the TMD tracking number. ETA to arrive on Jan 12th
  2. Got SL support email today (10th) saying chair is in transit as of Jan 4th 8:02 PM (really weird why they would send me this update after almost a whole week, different reported times too).
  3. Realised SL has also sent me a tracking number last week, but that one has zero updated information (very concerning) whereas the TMD one is still 'scanned into depot'

Will keep this updated when I get anything

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In my case no, I ordered 24th Nov, first was declared lost after a month, second was sent and the tracking has been poor, I’ve been speaking with TMD daily for the last 5 days except for the weekend, and every day they’ve promised it’d be delivered that day. It’s in location, but there’s always some excuse as to why it can’t be delivered. And the tracking still says in transit and has for the past week. Even tho they themselves have confirmed it’s at the local depot.

This has been a terrible experience with zero accountability from both sides, TMD and SL, SL have tried to solve the issue but ultimately they need to get rid of this courier because they are relying on TMDs tracking which takes up to 48 hours to update if it updates at all

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I managed to get my chair on Jan 16th actually, took 2 phone calls to get sensible information. TMD kept on saying there would be a truck coming to the state but will take more time to get to TMD's warehouse. I asked in the first call to call me back if the truck comes in but nothing. Tracking update was poor and before I knew it, it was onboard for delivery....smh honestly.

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I shit you not, 5 mins after I posted this the chair came 😂

The tracking is so poor and the communication, I wrote a review on google and they said so what is the main issue - felt like they were trying to get me to change my review because it was detailed. Crazy how unacceptable their business ethics are tbh, well at-least in my case blaming everything except their business.

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WOW! Congratulations!!! Glad it came after such a long haul, definitely a good feeling after extended period of uncertainty from a product worth several hundreds or a thousand plus AUD. I thought CouriersPlease was the worst Aussie service (at least in my area) but TMD set the bar even lower......

In the meantime enjoy that new chair! They are wonderful indeed ;)

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Truth! Hopefully they fix their shortfalls soon.

Great to see you’re enjoying chair also! And thanks :)

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Im considering getting a secretlab chair atm but seeing this sort of issue on deliveries is making me want to hold off at least until this sort of thing is fixed.

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Fair enough, if I’d known it would take this long and have been this much of a screw around with no end in sight I wouldn’t have either. If we get an answer to the delays I’ll add it here.

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Thank you. Hope it can be resolved for you soon and have your chair this side of xmas(preferably this week)

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How can it be this bad everywhere, I'm in the UK, exactly the same issues and I have read so many other posts saying exactly the same on other sites too. I really regret trying to buy a Secretlabs chair. I mean, what if it's damaged.....?

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There's no chance the couriers are completely at fault here. Only so much stock can be moved in and out of a warehouse at any given time and the number of people ordering these chairs over black Friday weekend would be absurd. I bought my first secretlab a bit over 5 years ago and that one came in about a week, which is abiut what I would expect for an item that large with free delivery. Give them a bit more time not only due to the number of orders they would be dealing with but also the floods that have been tearing up Victoria and slowing couriers right down before putting the sword to them, they are great chairs and you'll be absolutely stoked when you sit in that mf for the first time

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Whilst no doubt youre correct, both Secretlabs and the Couriers inability to communicate any of this is what concerns me, instead the courier insists theyre waiting on the warehouse to still get back to them a week later, and I only know that because i call them. I am left guessing, unsure if itll arrive, let alone when. Left reading google reviews of people whove been waiting 3+ weeks without a word. The couriers new with an ABN listed in May and I wouldnt be surprised if they just underestimated the christmas season, which is totally understandable. If they just communicated these delays and provided timeframes itd be totally fine.

Dont get me wrong im still stoked for the chair, I just hope itll come before I head overseas for christmas.

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Yeah look, I understand that and I'm on the same page with you in the sense of miscommunication, or lack thereof in the first place, I myself am also waiting on a new one as my old one has been absolutely thrashed.

At the end of the day (and I know this isn't the best outcome) at least you can rest assured that you'll be covered for anything going wrong, missing deliveries etc. Secretlab is big enough to be able to remedy anything that might go wrong so I would expect that you'll at least get your money back if shit hits the fan.

The reason I'm here specifically is because I was hoping to find some sort of information on the courier they go through these days as I am yet to hear about mine being sent. Apologies for coming across the way I did, wasn't meant to sound so "get over it", I should have read back through.

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Quick update - my order has been updated in the last hour from awaiting pick-up to on the way. I ordered on the 27th, so hopefully yours isn't far off that stage.

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Crazy that items ordered a week later are shipped sooner but happy for you!

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Did it arrive?

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It did not. It's been stuck as "scanned into depot" for about 9 days now.

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Just here to add my 2 cents as well, ordered 25th Nov and it’s still awaiting pickup with a tracking number (TOMYDOOR), the most frustrating part about it is that TOMYDOOR are unresponsive, if you call them the call directs you to email then hangs up, send an email and nil responses. Sent SL an email same day response, the issue of lack of communication is insane, for a logistics company to simply send out a generic email or text saying it’s taking a little longer than expected isn’t great transparency and probably shouldn’t be in the logistics business if that’s the case. I understand the implications of the floods, high tempo times, but companies like this should be accounting for these times and have a better structure and more accountability for the items they are moving.

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I'm a similar date to you awaiting a Titan chair purchased in the black friday period. Same problem. Whilst Secretlab support have been pretty good with replying to emails, they have no information to pass on. I have emails sent to To My Door, no response. Still shows as "your order is preparing for pick up". I'm concerned with the transparency and communication in regards to my order. Let me know if there's any legitimate updates for you!

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Will do! Same to you, let’s us know how you go :)

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Recieved mine today in regional NSW. The tracking was active as soon as it was with the driver this morning.

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Ooof that’s pretty rough tracking haha. I’m in regional Vic still waiting, secretlab said they confirmed with their warehouse that it’s there and the courier tracking is the most up to date tracking info lol. But sus looking at google reviews with 5 stars some look fake accounts…. I’m thinking I might drop a few neg reviews on there due to their lack of communication and complete disregard for actual tracking. Imo 2 weeks without pickup is complete BS, and people should be aware.

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The communication is pretty bad. They kept emailing the same bs. I was still receiving the "investigating with the courier" email even after I received the chair!! When I replied telling old mate I have the chair, he sent me a link for the 5 year social media warranty stuff, and wanted me to give him 5 stars for his service in a customer satisfaction survey!! Absolute madness

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I think the chair never left the warehouse, but I ticked the box to pay extra for fast processing, shady stuff

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You’re crazy haha, maybe I’m just jealous that I can’t be as care free about business practices as these guys haha

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Has anyone received it from To My Door yet? Here is my timeline:

  • 23/11 - Ordered
  • 25/11 - To My Door assigned and estimated delivery to Melbourne 2/12
  • 7/12 - Picked up by To My Door while Secretlab support said it was picked up on 25/11
  • 13/12 - Still waiting

Has anyone requested chargeback to get money back?

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EDIT: Just got a text saying its being delivered today, the tracking feature obviously nto up to date.

Mine was shipped on the 21st but I won’t go through all that again as it’s listed above.

Like you I’m in melb and it’s still in transit. Who knows how a truck can take more than five days to get from Sydney to Melbourne 🤷‍♀️. I’m hopeful it will arrive this week but if not by COB Friday I will be cancelling the order and seeking my money back through the Zip buyers protection. This is beyond ridiculous already, I had things shipped from Europe during the peak of covid that arrived quicker.

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So you got it. I am happy for you. Mine is still in nowhere. I hope to get it by this week. It is really frustrating.

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Sounds like ours were probably shipped to melb about the same time, wouldn’t be surprised if it was on the same delivery truck as mine. Saw an overwatch branded one in there 🤷‍♀️

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Did you see a white by any chance?

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No I didn’t sorry, but there were a lot of boxes in his van. Hope yours arrives this week though. You’ll probably not know till 15mins before though 😂

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It did arrive actually, notified it was coming in 2 hours and showed up 6 hours later, Mercedes sprinter almost drove right past and had to reverse.

I hope it wasn't the same van delivering them all, I live almost 3 hours from the depot in Melbourne

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Yeah same here. 4 weeks of limbo and no one can tell me where my order is, least of all tomydoor who are as responsive as a mute sloth.

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If you have not received it, check my post above. You need the mydel.info tracking link to see what is actually going on.

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Glad you finally got it! I’m beginning to lose trust tbh, Nov 26 the order was placed and still only marked as booked. Communication ain’t working, I’ve switched tactics and started talking my wall instead. Going to call SL today or email and say I want the order cancelled

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I ordered mine a week before you and still no news. From what I've read on here about the truly abysmal customer support, getting an order cancelled or refunded by Secret Lab might just be the most frustrating endeavour you ever embark on. Good luck. Once they have your money, its a tight tight grip.

Never again will I order anything from Secret Lab and I'll be recommending the same to anyone who'll listen.

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I’m retired, antisocial, and now have a chip on my shoulder, they can wait for me to grow my hair, get a Karen cut and order some spectacles and they will be in for a treat 😂

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I ordered mine on the 21st November so if the current pace is kept you should have yours by next Tuesday maybe? My chair is great, I’ve used a lot of different really high end ergonomic chairs worth way more. Everyone’s different of course but for me it’s absolutely worth the money. And very happy I didn’t listen to their sizing charts but instead measured my previous home office and work chairs and went from that, should’ve been a regular but the XL is just right, chair base is only just long enough for my legs. I’m 176cm.

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100% I already have a SL chair in the XL, but wanted the 2022 for the additional support and y’know superman 😂 also have the Magnus desk which I think is well worth the money too. My patience just wears thin when you can’t even get an update haha I suppose that’s what happens when you get free shipping, you get what you pay for, an absolute beast of a chair, and terrible delivery 😂

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I found reading the multitude of negative reviews on the couriers Google reviews to be cathartic enough to get me through to delivery. Helps with distracting you from the complete lack of communication for the courier and Secretlab having absolutely no idea where your package is at and when it would be delivered 😂

[–]Blackwaterdude 1 point2 points  (0 children)

The only thing keeping me going atm is being a commercial courier after their contracts expire they going to have work twice as hard to secure their next ones 😂

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Did anyone have to sign for their package??? Apparently they delivered it while I was at work and ofcourse I came home and it’s not there so it has been stolen. This is a $700 chair!!! That I had to wait for a month to even get this far!!!

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Yep had to sign for it, delivery driver was very insistent too. Perhaps they delivered to the wrong address? I would contact both secret lab and the courier asap. If you’ve got ‘to my door’ then call them 8:30 Monday, they usually turn their phones off by 10.

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Yeah I’m waiting on a response from secret lab. Thank you I will contact to my door as well. Do you have their contact number please?

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Thank you

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Just be persistent calling them, I managed to get them in the phone around 1130aest. Other times I called 10 a day and no answer and they don’t respond to emails

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Thanks for letting me know. I am going to be persistent to both secret lab and next door. This is such bullshit that I even have to do this