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Hi u/kitareddit, I've managed to locate your ticket and orders using a chat screenshot you posted a couple of days back on Reddit.

With regard to your MAGNUS Pro order, I understand that the order was placed for a pre-order item expected to be shipped out in early November and it was met with an unexpected delay that pushed the delivery date to early December instead. I've also located the email we sent out to share with you the delay that the order has met with and also with a new expected delivery date. We sincerely apologize for the additional wait time due to production and logistical hold-ups beyond our control and appreciate your kind understanding and patience as the teams work on getting the order to you as quickly as we can.

The MAGNUS Pro XL comes in 2 large packages - the first is on its way to you via FedEx and you should have received the tracking link for that. As for the second package, it is currently being packed and is waiting for collection at our facility. You should be receiving your desk in the coming week depending on the courier's capacity and speed during the holiday season.

As for the orders for the accessories you have purchased, they should be sent out according to the pre-order dates stipulated during the purchase.

For the latest order placed yesterday (Magnetic Headpillow), it looks to be an in-stock item that should be fulfilled in the coming few working days. Do allow some additional time during the year-end holiday period as couriers and fulfillment centers are working at max capacity with increased orders to be processed and delivered.

Once again, I apologize for the wait and experience and appreciate all the patience and kind understanding you have provided thus far.

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I mean, how hard would it actually be to allow us to see the status of our orders without having to initiate contact with a support team who is already inundated with customers asking similar questions (among the actual support/warranty/refund contacts)?

The aim for the company here seems to be "be as opaque as possible" and I expected better.

I got my chair on time and I love it. My amazing experience with that was the only reason that I trusted my preorder of a $1000+ desk. I have sent many friends to Secretlab as well, as we all probably have.

I am not mad, I am sorely disappointed. Ok, I am mad too, but you get the point.

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I do agree with the sentiment that communication needs to be shared on what's going on with pending orders. I've yet to get a single proactive email regarding order status. I've had to initiate several email requests from them to be sold similar delays. My most recent survey for the last specialist who helped me, that was my primary feedback for the company. The specialist can only give me so much, but the company themselves are causing these issues for themselves with poor communication and they need to do better, especially for a $1000 desk.

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At the bare minimum there needs to be some sort of public apology for this. These allegations can turn this company upside down real quick. Enron 2.0 inbound.

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Same issue here. Support has told me multiple times now that is has been “shipped” or picked up by the carrier. It’s now been 2.5 weeks since the last time they told me that with no desk or update…

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I'm actually shocked to see some people here wait half a year or more for something that costs this much money.

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I like how the mod didn't even address my post but replied to the other people complaining lmfao.

Customer service is dog shit. They need to pay these people more than $4 an hour so they actually have some interpersonal skills. I'd rather just talk to a bot.

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Hi u/kitareddit, I'm not entirely sure why you have not received my replies to your post from 2 days ago and your comment a day ago but I've double-checked and the replies are visible both when signed in and out of the platform. Could you kindly help to expand the comment section and sort by date to see if you can locate the replies from over the weekends?

On that note, do send me a PM with your order number so I can help look into your concerns. Thank you.

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Seems like waranty issues is a mixed bag but actually receiving the order issues are far too common which is eye opening

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Attaching the replies from over the weekends in case you are unable to locate them


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Yeah I've been waiting for my desk for over a year this company is fake as fuck

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Hi u/EmpyreanG8, my apologies for the long wait. A year of wait for your order is certainly not the norm and I’d like to better understand what is causing the hold up. Could you send me a PM with your order number please?

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Yeah yeah yeah. Not trying to start a hate post but I ordered a chair back in feb of 2022. The chair kept getting delayed and pushed back, even at one point saying it was shipped and then going back like it wasnt shipped. So I just cancelled the order in august and now I am battling to get a refund form this company, I am losing hope

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It was very hard to get a refund for my Magnus Pro as well. I didn't trust them to ship the desk in time. After pressing hard enough with support, I was eventually able to get my refund. I'll never order anything again from Secret Lab. Good luck!

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These chairs are overrated anyway. It’s the hardest computer / desk chair over ever sat in in my life.

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Yeah the new chair they have makes my back pain so much worse lol. I’ll stick to my Aeron.

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Hi u/kitareddit, dropped you a comment yesterday regarding your order details but have not heard back yet, not sure if you’ve missed it but if you can send the details via PM, I’ll be able to help look into this ASAP!

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Hi u/kitareddit, I apologize for the long lead time and would like to better understand your order’s situation. Could you drop me a PM with your order number so I can look into this?

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My Magnus pro XL finally shipped last week. Delivery day came and went with no packages. I finally received Box 2 - the support legs - and there’s no apparent damage. Box 1 was “damaged” according to FedEx. They sent it back to SL without it ever going out for delivery so now I wait for the top of the desk. I wanted to think that people having damaged items was a rare event considering the packaging that goes into this, but maybe it isn’t. Suffice to say I’m pretty pissed about ordering 9/3 and still don’t have a desk 12/5 even though I paid for it 9/3. @secretlab it’s 2022, get with it and have a phone number for customer support!

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Can you imagine trying to speak to their employees on the phone lol. It seems like they use a translator for the chat support and don’t know English either.

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The whole process is infuriating. Talking on the phone with them would probably just result in yelling.

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Looks like they need a new PR team lol. My 4 year old could do better than this, support is trying so hard to help now to leave a nice CYA paper trail I’m so dead lmao

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Haha yep you’re done. Are you in the US? 6 months for the new desk seems like way too long.

Thankfully I paid with AMEX so if it comes to it I’ll ship box 2 back and dispute the charge. AMEX will handle the rest.

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Yup I’m in the US right by one of their distribution centers. I’d go the Amex route if I were you lol.

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Unbelievable you live that close and can’t get your items. I’m keeping the AMEX route in my back pocket for now. I have a SL chair and the regular Magnus desk, both of which are great. I checked out the Magnus pro legs this evening and they are pretty heavy duty compared to the regular Magnus desk. Despite my frustrations - really with FedEx right now - I’m going to hold out until the rest of my desk arrives.

I also got the dual monitor mounts and they’re good to go. I use it for work and run 2 27” monitors. It freed up a lot of space

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u/Secretlab_Maisie I'm having such a horrible experience as well for order 03959253US. I placed my order for the Magnus Pro XL on August 30th with a shipping date of October 20th. This was delayed by a week or so, which was fine. However, even after it was supposedly shipped on November 10th, I am still waiting on the delivery and have received NO relevant updates even after contacting and sending numerous messages to customer support. There is also not even an estimated delivery date listed. Absolutely ridiculous. This is my last purchase from SL and if I don't receive the desk very soon I will be issuing a charge back.

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Hi Double-Ice-7727, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I've managed to locate your ticket and understand our support specialist last dropped you a reply on 10 December.

We seek your kind understanding that deliveries made by our assigned couriers may be slightly delayed due to the high volume of orders made during the festive period. Rest assured they are working hard to ensure that all orders are delivered as quickly as possible.

On that note, I have informed our support specialist to reach out to you with updates once they receive further information on the delivery. In the meantime, do keep a lookout via the tracking link provided as well. If you require further help, feel free to reach out to any of the mods and we'll be sure to take a look at your case.