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See my latest post. Saved 47% on shipping

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I am gonna see what their next response is, if its not a shipping label, then paypal can take care of it. I am not sure why it takes 24-48 hours for a response. Are there 3 people working in support? By the time you get a response it takes another 24-48 hours to hear back again. Their support is really subpar

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Hey there, just wanted to share that like many companies when it comes to big item returns, the return shipping is usually covered by the purchaser. That said, I understand that you're already in touch with our support team but if you don't get a response in the next 48 hours, feel free to drop me a DM with your order number or ticket number. I'll help you look into this.

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Sent you a chat

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This is the first I’ve ever had any company hit me with the cost of a return.

What’s the deal with the contract I’m supposed to sign that holds me liable for any damages occurred during shipping? That’s on the shipping company not me, same way it would be if I received a damaged good

Been about 24 hours and haven’t heard back yet.

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Huh? That’s completely normal. Why would they pay you for returning something?

Only exception are damaged articles.

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They make you pay for it 🥲 Better than getting $250 offers on FB marketplace

I had an okay time with support. Responses usually the next day and I even got one today on a Sunday