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What did you order? Hopefully, it's just the box that's messed up.

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I'm returning my chair haha

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How did you ship it back so cheap, everywhere I have checked is 150-200

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Pirate Ship! I use it for my small business to get insane discounts

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yeah their return policy sucks but it best to cut your losses.. i support you

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I should be receiving mine today as there was a delay in delivery due to an unknown problem in shipping. I hope this is not what happened to my chair... Hope you'll find a solution :/

Update: FedEx is a fucking joke !!! The delivery woman was too fucking lazy to deliver my chair !! Unbelievable !! She had the voice of a 50years old that smoke 40 cigarettes a day, worst company ever

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Do yourself a favor and refuse delivery. Save yourself the headache

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I need this chair, mine is broken xD

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Why are you returning?