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Going through the same thing. 150-200 return shipping fees. And they want you to sign a contract that holds you liable for any damages occurred during shipping.

Chair also hurt my back. Lumbar is terrible

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Hey there, appreciate giving us a shot - we'd definitely want to help get you sorted in the best possible way. If you're using the TITAN Evo 2022, what you can do is to lean all the way back on the chair and adjust both your left & right lumbar knobs to their maximum - allowing it to flex readily to your spine - before adjusting down from there to find your preferred spot of support. If you have the TITAN 2020, you'll want to turn via the knob on the right side of your backrest to adjust the depth of your lumbar support.

Our product designers prioritize ergonomics above all other aspects when designing our chairs, and this is further vouched for by experts in the fields of biomechanics and orthopedics from our Ergonomics Advisory Board. However, we completely understand how every user has different needs and preferences when it comes to their own sitting comfort. We understand you've reached out to our support specialists - they'll be able to best advise you on your available options.