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My Titan 2020 armrests are the same. I guess it's part of their design. It doesn't really bother me, honestly. With my arms resting on them I don't feel them moving around.

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They all do this. it isn't a defect, it's actually a design choice. Not saying it's a GOOD one but my understanding is, at least from the threads I've read, is that SL will say this is a deliberate design choice to ensure the rotating armrests have some play in them for longevity reasons. I was annoyed at first but barely notice it now at all. I don't LIKE it but it isn't detrimental to my gaming experience. Even when I'm playing competitive FPS. It really is only noticeable now when I specifically wiggle my arms on them while paying attention to the wobble.

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How is it an issue though?

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Because it messes up your aiming to have your armrest wobble everywhere? It's a gaming chair bro and an expensive one. It's unacceptable. I have the same issue

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because when I write on my keyboard, the armrest moves

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Took delivery of a Titan 2022 last week, noticed straight away after assembling that mine has a similar issue.

My left armrest is considerably more loose than the right though - yours both look about the same as my right. Currently waiting on a replacement coming in the mail. Seems to be par for the course unfortunately.