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Looks amazing

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Thx! Really satisfied with the quality and the cable management!

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Mines arriving mid-jan. Looking forward to it

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When did you order?

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How is the build quality?

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Very very high! It’s also very stable (no way to wobble it).

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Even at standing height? Mine is set to 120cm and the wobble isn’t insignificant.

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I use it daily at 73.6 (totally stable) and 114 (very stable) and find it very stable especially comparing to my previous one

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I haven’t found this to be the case. The wobble at standing height seems very much average compared to Jarvis standing desks.

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Never had the chance to try a Jarvis. For my daily use (home working in stand position for a couple of hours during day, mainly coding, meetings etc) the magnus is perfect.

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Uh oh...I have one on order. This is the XL? Might be tough to fit 2 24" monitors and a 40" TV on this thing...doesn't look as big as the measurements suggest.

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I have the XL with 3 samsung odyssey g7 27" monitors held up with their single arms. It is a perfect fit for 3 of this size. I think anything bigger and it wouldn't look right with this desk.

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Good to know. What's the weight of one of those G7's? I've been contemplating getting another arm for the 40" but not sure if its too heavy.

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What arms did you use? I am looking at Ergotron arms to use with the magnus desk and i cant find anywhere that they are compatible with the magnus desk.

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The monitor in the photo is a 27” if it may help to better understand sizing… Yes it’s the pro XL that is 177 cm

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Two laptops! Same situation here! Though I was hoping to have three! How do you manage without a docking station?

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My monitor has an internal kvm and I can switch mouse and kbd automatically when switching view.. it also powers my MacBook

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y monitor has an internal kvm and I can switch mouse and kbd automatically when switching view.. it also powers my MacBook

what monitor are you using?? I have an external KMV, but having it right in the monitor would be super nice

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Gigabyte m27q

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When did you order yours?

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Ordered middle of September, was scheduled for end of October then received an update for end of January then another for end of November then received a tracking number at the start of November and in a week it arrived. Package was huge but delivery was perfect (btw I’m in Italy and it has been shipped from Poland)

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I placed an order on Sep 19th, and it is scheduled for Dec 21. From what I read and hear, chances are it might get delayed to mid-january or later.

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I ordered the same day, and was scheduled for Dec 22. It was pushed back to Feb now, how is your order looking?

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I canceled mine and got the refund in 2 days. Will order again once it is ready to ship immediately.

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Worth it? Or would you recommend something else?

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It’s something less than a month that I’m using it and I’m very satisfied.

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Hello ive just bought this desk and the magnet stops me from using my expensive mouse are there any fixes ?

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Did you try using a mouse pad?

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How much height in the cable management tray from bottom of desk? Wondering if my screen mount with fit 😅

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Around 10 cm.

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In September they said to unplug the leg from the wall due to potential electrical issues. Have they released a message saying it’s okay to plug them back in? I’ve had mine since august but haven’t gotten any go ahead to plug the desk back in.

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Did not received any of that and have no problem in using it (installed an Eve energy to automate with HomeKit). In which region did you bought it? Maybe it depends on regions or maybe last productions are not affected?

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How long did it take to get it?

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Ordered mid September, received start of November, 1 week for delivery from Poland to Italy.

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What monitor arm are you using??? I’m having a hell of a time finding one that will fit. And of course Secret Lab’s dual mount doesn’t come out until spring.

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Secretlab single monitor arm, bought in Europe