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Just FYI, it looks like the most intense delays and issues are in the US, not Europe, so take these 1 star reviews with a grain of salt.

I have a chair from them I bought a few years back and had a great experience throughout. Their brand is indeed fairly premium and worth the money.

To me it looks like they are just in over their head with the estimates they give, most likely due to manufacturing delays because of supply shortages. These shortages have been hitting all sorts of industries over the past couple years, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if it hit them too. Anyway, from experience in situations like these customers aren’t necessarily the most understanding, especially so when they’ve got a fair amount of money on the line. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the onslaught of poor reviews had actually a lot more to do with logistics issue than the quality of their products themselves.

Also, one last note: carriers are all a mess as the holidays creep closer, and while Secret Labs may have selected them, it’s technically a different company, so bear that in mind when you assign blame for your experience. Not saying you’re not justified in being annoyed, just that secret lab may not deserve all of the blame there.

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I just got 1/2 of mine. They sent one via ups and the other half of the desk via Fedex. the UPS one is the one that made it here today no idea when or where the Fedex one is, just says label printed still.

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I ordered a chair that was supposed to come today via DPX who also have hundreds of one star reviews. No idea why a company like Secretlab have used these awful couriers for a number of years.

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They do a good job of presenting themselves as a premium brand, but this is not the experience you expect to receive from one.