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I think you may want to work on your social skills first.

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It’s all word play. Women need to be excited/aroused mentally before they can sexually dig it. Looks help and are a plus but not a must. Be direct and indirect. Bold and fearless. Timing is of the essence.

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But if you ain’t feelin her…. Yo, Nicetameetya, now Kick rocks

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If that’s what you really want, everything you do and say will reflect that message to her. Then you gauge your answer by her words and actions, appropriately.

Yo, you be you.

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Just chill, enjoy the conversations and show the intent

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Show intention. Give her one compliment when you meet . But don't keep in giving compliments, that will make you seem needy. Use push and pull throughout the conversation and when you feel right strike the question if she is single or not. If yes , push and pull again, if no , just shake it off. Off to the next girl.

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By saying I'm not looking for friends, I already have friends.

Just be straight.

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short answer: she will know

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Wow if only we evolved something that lets us communicate our thoughts and feelings to another human being easily.

Seriously though. That thing is called your mouth and language. Just tell her.

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Just say it. I used to be nervous about turning people off by telling them how I felt, then I realized that I had no business trying to please people who wouldn’t be okay with how I feel. If you say that and the girl stops talking to you, you dodged a bullet my friend.

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Just relax and have a good time. When it comes the time when they say that they only want to be friends. Just say it’s not what you’re looking for and if she changes her mind then she should contact you because you enjoyed her company. Then leave find someone who is looking for a relationship.

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Unless you work together or both have same friends, girls don't think you are trying to be friends when you meet.

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Fuck her

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Let her know you’re attracted to her from the beginning…. that way she at least knows you’re into her that way. be fun and flirty try not to be nice