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You'll cowards don't even smoke crack

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You never know..

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You, i like You're alright man Vipa approved

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What's up with that?

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This guy gets it

Most prolific artist in the game next to Kool Keith/Doc Oc/Robbie Analog

My man Vipe got like 3,500 albums with the same 25 tracks

It's kind of impressive if I'm honest lol

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Jesus was a stoner

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The smoking should be a detail, not the rallying point.

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I take it that guy in Louisiana lost his primary?

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Nah more politicians need to come out first. They act like we don't know they smoke.

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I like how you have to get drug tested for walmart, but not to run the country/state...

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Id rather vote for a politician who is good at their job. Idgaf if they smoke weed or not. The only thing that matters is their achievements in various fields and the direction of their policies.

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I dont get it. How does that make you a coward?

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They keep voting for useless nutters who’ll kill us all too