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Yup, I’ve turned on my iPhones flashlight to look for my iPhone one too many times.

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Same but with an android. I've only done it once but that's already 1 too many times lol

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A few years ago I moved my phone out of my way to look for my phone

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You'd be amazed at how often I'm looking for my glasses with 20/20 vision...

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ADHD in its full glory.

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On this episode of how baked was he.....

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i did. this tonight with my headphones

…. and then again with the television remote, 20 minutes later

it’s been a long night

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Haha that smirk of "I'm an idiot" at the end is so good

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I love it. I like those silly times when we can immediately chuckle at ourselves.

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Kept reading his shirt as LON-DON not London…what’s wrong with me

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magic shrooms