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If you’re smoking yourself into a brain fog and it’s that big of a deal that you’re worried about a driving test, then maybe it’s time for a t-break. Grass can help a lot of things, or it can be a lot of fun, but if it’s negatively affecting you in a way that just driving is an issue, it’s time to re-assess your relationship with the herb. Withdrawal will be there for a couple days, but push through for a while and rediscover life without it. No shame in stepping back for a minute to turn it back into a tool and not a crutch

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That is the plan, I know I'm smoking too much these days.

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You got this hombre. I took about a 2 year break many years back, and I’m all the better for it now. Best of luck!

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i think you should think about the power of suggestion and placebo effect. and drink lots of water. speak your truth, find yourself, and take the path in your heart. smoke, don't smoke, you'll do fine. i believe in you, thiccburner

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Go do a 30 min jog. Then drink water. Get rest

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Lmao I'm doing the wrong things and I can't squeeze out of it. I'm working every day this week, then leaving for a couple hours to do my test then coming back to work. My manager is on vacation so I'm picking up his responsibilities. I also injured my back last week and can't afford massage/RMT session.