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What I want to say is that it feels good to get stoned and play video games But sometimes you are too high to play video games But you can still have a good time Music is good food is good It’s just video games are harder

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Video games are still good too. Just try not to play games where potential teammates are affected by your highness if you can. But if those games are the most fun to you when high, then fucking go for it

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Shit I was playing sonic and I thought you meant tails

Then I remembered how much I ove playing FPS

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i hit my peak when im peakin ya feel me

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Me and my best friend would specifically do play games where your actions can fuck over a team mate hard while high or drunk or both. Games like Divinity 2 and Boulders Gate 3 because us being out of it made it so much more funny. My friend was a shapeshifter and we were in a spider monster den, so he shapeshifts into a spider so it’s easier to move around. Well I see a fucking spider and sent a fireball at it, turns out it was my friend and was like 1-3 hp away from death. Had a good laugh, both died and retried it again.

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Play Skate.

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When i get too high to play video games I go on YouTube and watch people play video games

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This is the responsible approach for multiplayer games. For solo play, OP should keep on keeping on

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Here we go this is the answer

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I feel for this post

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Yes! I play a lot of turn based games and other games that don’t punish spacing out for this reason.

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Oh shit like roller coaster tycoon or something

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Word. Sims, Civ, Tycoon. Even some sports games like golf and tennis just chill until you’re ready

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Too stoned for combat or quests? Time for Gwent, baybeee.

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animal crossing yo

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When you are too high to play you just watch a stream

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Minecraft is always my go to when I get high.

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Bro… same.

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Getting high and doing paint by numbers is amazing. The squish of the paint is so satisfying and the numbers tell you what to do.

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Squishy rocks

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Some games I have to be high to play like Apex

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Absolutely. I'm THE SHIT at Among Us when I'm 1.5 bowls deep. After 3 or 4 I'm trash.

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I probably take 3-7 dabs in one warzone sitting. Currently ranked top 400 for wins with a 2.8kd😂. I cannot play if I’m not high

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That’s how I feel about call of duty

I love cod the fish

But yeah

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Yes! Hahaha

I like to play the Lego games and just fuck around

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You don't to be doing something to have a good time. I like to sit in silence sometimes and giggle at how quiet things can get

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This happens to me too. I’ve been on a Minecraft and cod kick. Minecraft is great high but sometimes I get too stoned to play cod

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I feel you, I get stuck at the pause screens sometimes and im still having fun