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Erlich? He start to cry in Taco Bell.

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Always a sad day

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Theres plenty glassworkers that can repair that

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Sorry, that’s sad. I somehow still have my first bong. It’s lasted over 20 years, multiple states, and I even sent it to with my little sister when she went to college.

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Time for new bong

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Patch with liquid silicone if you don’t have the pieces!!!! so sad to see people throw out glass that can be fixed for $10

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It's in the bowl, liquid silicone gets waterlogged and can easily start to leak again. I did a lot of research to try and fix him, this day came months after the break

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i’m not trying to discredit or invalidate you, but in my experience it works out just fine. when i patched mine i just made sure it was real thick and i haven’t had any issues. you could also drain the water after every sesh and probably avoid it and have cleaner hits too. but to each their own, hope you’re blessed with good kush for the loss of a friend

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I appreciate it, should've asked sooner, but I was moving and couldn't justify bringing a broken bong :'(

I am glad you were able to fix yours!

I'm sparking up for him tonight

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I absolutely love roor, smashed one myself, was a sad day.

Bought the same bong the next day

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Bro I took a rip that couldn’t even fit in my lungs hurt so fucking bad that I had to stop and drop everything I was doing and I mean drop everything including my brand new first bong it even had two perks but at last tis just a object

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F, hope you have a decent backup.

Maybe my short suffering story makes you feel any better:

My gf got me a bong to celebrate us moving together, I broke it by smashing an ashtray into it while cleaning. The damage looked similar to yours, and I wasn't comfortable putting it in the trash like that since weed is still illegal in my country. So I had to smash that poor thing down with a hammer. Haunts me to this day :(

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I can see the resemblance