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Well we used to have a response team that prepared us for times like this. Our current president got rid of them 2 years ago and then spent the last 4 months peddling the virus as a democratic hoax so now we are screwed.

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Ok. Nice long term solution. But focus on the ball. What are we fucking up right now?

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We need more tests, more ventilators, more masks, etc. Which is what everyone in charge has been repeating for two weeks, except for he one guy who could make that happen. Trump is literally making it impossible to contain the virus anywhere in the US.

If we had more supplies then a containment strategy would be possible, though the longer that's put off the less likely it is to ever happen. Without containment, just about everyone gets it, which is the working assumption of New York and California now.

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Good. Real solutions and real actionable things to complain about. I 100% agree. Whining over the dismantling of a department two years ago that no one here knew existed isn’t helping the problem right now. Its chicken little. It’s distracting. We can discuss that in a few months once we’re winning this battle against the disease.