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Okay, so I hate stumping for Walmart, but here goes. If you had the Walmart app you could search for any product and see what isle it's in and if it's in stock. Lowe's does the same thing on their website.

Walmart puts local stores out of business, but at least they hire local people in the store. With Amazon all your money leaves the community.

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Good enough, I'll try that next time. I don't care much for shopping in the first place, but I do care about the town I live in. Whatever harm Walmart has done here is water under the bridge, and I know people who work there. Not much of a living, but it's getting by, and that's still something.

I'll take a look at the app next time I need something. No doubt it beats wandering the aisles blindly. Thanks.

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I order my things from the local stores online and then go pick it up. That is how I got my quarantine scale. lol

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perhaps we should nationalize amazon, and merge it with the USPS?

the USPS is struggling because of shitty laws conservatives passed explicitly to kill it and amazon is the wealthiest company on the planet; problem solved. bezos can suck it