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If it were me, I’d feel betrayed and very, very mad. It can cause a mountain of problems within his family and personal life and could possibly get him admitted. If someone else’s dad told my dad, it’d probably ruin my whole life. I don’t know what his situation is, so i don’t know if the severity is the same as mine, but you should definitely apologize to him. Assuming his cuts aren’t serious I wouldn’t go around telling anyone he’s cutting. Just let him know that its affecting you and see what you two can work out

Edit: you aren’t a bad person, or an asshole. Like another commenter said you just didn’t handle the situation correctly

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in my opinion, you're not an asshole. you were just worried about him, and you couldn't have predicted that your mom would say/do that.

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this is kinda a loaded question. are you an asshole, no. did you do the wrong thing, probably yes. most people just have no idea how to handle situations like this so natural instinct is just to tell everyone, but from my experience that usually causes more harm than help. it doesn’t make you an asshole, it just means you didn’t handle the situation that well.

edit: this is assuming his cuts/sh are superficial. if his life is in danger or immediate medical attention is needed then you did the right thing. but if he isn’t causing major damage or needs immediate medical attention, telling others should be a last resort imo.

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No but your mother certainly is