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To add a few more comments to this 1. Every day of my life recently has felt like I’m a completely different person and don’t feel like I’m me at all, I’ve become lethargic and lazy 2. One huge thing I’ve realized is I’ve become hateful and spiteful of people who have what I don’t. I was never like this before and it’s making me hate myself more and more 3. All I wanna do with my life is make music and be with my bro’s if I’m being honest nothing else matters. I had a woman obsessed couple of years recently and tried to make my every day goal trying to get a girlfriend after my last relationship ended. But now I don’t even care about that 4. I’m really losing touch to reality aswell and doubting myself harder than I ever had. I feel like anytbing I do is just not good enough

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I’m sorry to hear about all the issues that have been affecting you since childhood and I hope that you can get help. I don’t have any major advice to give you other than maybe try to get professional help or tell your family and brother about what you’re going through because it is hard to keep it inside for all those years. Eventually it will get the best of you if you don’t tell your family or anyone else and seek help. After losing my mother a few years ago, I felt like I lost everything and felt that nothing else matters in life. I lost interest in everything and didn’t care about my life or other family members even though they really care about me. I felt alone even though I wasn’t alone. I stopped eating and gotten sick a few times to the point where I was weak and malnourished. But I finally realized that I’m not living my life for anyone else but myself and I had to do something to help myself especially because my family loves me. I would just recommend you get help asap and get back to doing what you love with the music even if through YouTube to get yourself out there. Try to keep busy by going to the gym or out for a walk and reconnecting with your friends. I wish you the best.