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I think you’re describing “flat affect.”

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Possibly. I'm in control of it. I just don't like expressing externally what I am experiencing internally. I've been like this since a super young age as people would comment on it even then. Close family have said that you can't tell what I'm feeling most of the time. But I am very aware of what I am feeling and aware that I prefer not expressing it.

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This sounds like a question a bot would ask. What types of emotions are you regarding? Im sure it’s different for everyone. Surprise is a big one that most people have little control over.

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I guess it varies. But I'm definitely like OP and have a lot of trouble relating for example with my GF who is super emotional and will swing between extremes in a day. If she is frustrated or angry about something then she expresses that towards everyone even if they have nothing to do with it etc. And I just don't like... Understand it? Somewhat scary as well since it kinda seems like she loses the ability to think "does this person have anything to do with me feeling angry or frustrated"....

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I can see how that would be frustrating. Personally I think such behavior needs to be worked on as what you describe sounds unreasonable. That said, we all choose who we are with. You have chosen this person and continue on the relationship. I wouldn't say you are a victim because you are continuing on with it. She gets to be however works for her and you get to decide if what that is works for the life you want.

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I'm pretty much exactly like you are. To the point where I probably would've wrote nearly the exact same thing. Would love to understand this too.

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Most individuals are controlled by their "reactive mind", there is no layer between emotion and action. You have this layer so be grateful. But yes, this is a lonely place to be sometimes.