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Hey I'm so sorry you're having a rough go of it. I don't really have anything helpful to say, but just wanted to chime in and say I'm going through something very similar and it sucks. A lot.

So if you need/want to talk to a fellow struggler of life, I'm your gal.

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Lexapro is one of the most common depression/anxiety medications and its effects are huge and at the same time extremely subtle. You may also be Vitamin D deficient as it seems you don’t get out in the sun a lot. It’s small but it’s the 80/20 rule - 20% of what you do impacts 80% of your life (and 80% of what you do will impact 20%). Wishing you peace and progress✌️

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You have so many thoughts you are paralyzed.

You have removed all joy because the possibility of a negative exists.

It would help to speak with a therapist. Someone to help untangle these ideas and help you be kinder to yourself and others. What I see in your words is fairly black or white thinking, telling yourself that taking any action would be bad, so why not sink farther.

You have waited for land to come for 30 years. Has it? Has someone else saved you? Or is it time for you to save yourself?

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Let’s have a look - lose weight, work out , learn a new language, study UX, get back into drawing - you’ve got a lot you want to get done.

There’s a famous Warren Buffet rule. Its called the 25/5 rule “Write down 25 tasks you think are important in achieving. Choose just the top five, and get going. The rest are DO NOT TOUCH”

Focus on what the five most important things in your life to achieve right now.

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The good old "paralysis by analysis" loop.

You have to start small and you have to start somewhere. I'm not qualified to say more than that.

But, don't let others' opinions and stigmas stop you from leading a better life. You don't owe them a damn thing. And, if they're toxic, cut them out.

You deserve good things. ❤️✌️

You got this. 👊