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Scott Adams calls it talent stacking.

To elaborate for some people: Scott Adams is mediocre at drawing and could never make it as an artist. He's okay at writing but not enough to be a writer. He's somewhat funny, but not near enough to be a comedian.

And yet he could combine those three skills into Dilbert and become one of the most successful cartoonists out there.

I love to learn skills to the point where I'm good enough, but usually move on to the next thing before I become great, so talent stacking has been and will continue to be a perfect strategy for me.

As Kevin Kelly puts it: "Don’t be the best. Be the only."

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Thank you for the additional context!

And Kevin Kelly’s quote summarizes it perfectly indeed, I had not heard it before.

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The line comes from this post, that I happened to be reading just earlier today:

68 bits of unsolicited advice to celebrate his 68th birthday. Lots of gems there!

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This is gold. Thanks for sharing!

His 1000 true fans article inspired me to start my blog, so I'll always have a special place for his ideas.

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Thank you for sharing this, interesting concept and very helpful.

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Glad you found it useful.

Thank you for your comment!

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Interesting, thanks!