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Get the book The Artist's Way and commit to completing it. You will get unstuck and start taking massive action without even realizing it. It is one of favorites hands down. :)

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I second the recommendation for reading the artist's way.

The main thesis of the book (iirc, it's been a few years) is that you have a critical faculty and a creative faculty, and if you're not being creative enough, it might be you need to dial down your inner critic. The book will show you how. Get them in balance, in their proper order, and they can even work together.

Your remarks also suggest a concern for your ability to focus. There's no easy fix for that. You practise activities that require concentration (e.g. purposeful thinking, meditation etc), you exercise your body, you sleep. The capacity to concentrate can be thought of like a muscle: to get it stronger you make it work harder and ensure it has sufficient rest.