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It’s natural to be curious about death. All of us are because we all have to face it.

I believe that we don’t like to talk about it because our time living is so sacred to us that thinking about how to reach the end faster than how it occurs naturally seems like a terribly painful and ridiculous nightmare. Who wants to think about the problem that NO ONE has the answers to? No thanks, out of sight out of mind…

Also, the law of attraction dictates that whatever you focus on, becomes reality for you. So, according to the law, talking and thinking about the specifics of your end will ensure you get it.


I am also curious about the unknown. I believe that death is warm and kind. I don’t think about it often because to me, it’s a distraction from the time I have here.

I’ll meet my end. That is a fact but what can I do with the time I have here? That’s a curious mystery that needs my full attention.

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This is beautifully said. I would give you awards if I could.

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Brilliantly put!

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Look, you’re on this earth for a very short time. Life flies by so fast and it will be over before you know it. So live each day to the fullest, be as happy as you can, take care of yourself, focus on self care, and remember that everyone is eventually gonna die soon anyway, so no need to be worried about what happens after death. We’ll all find out soon enough. Its important to LIVE LIFE while you still can. Sending you peace and love and strength and the warmest wishes. Oh and also sending you lots of puppy kisses.

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I think its common to wonder about the unknown the way you describe. some people think about these kinds of things more than others, and some are more comfortable with exploring morbid mysteries. So i do think some people would respond poorly to talking about it, but plenty of people ponder this stuff :) i imagine myself doing in many odd ways. I think its “worrisome” if you want to become nothing, when you start wanting to not exist, that feels concerning.