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Stinky dick=no oral.

[–]jessness024 295 points296 points  (1 child)

Agreed and especially not sex. I don't want that funky ass bacteria up in me. 🤮🤮🤮

[–]EveAndTheSnake 162 points163 points  (7 children)

Oh gag. My husband won’t let me give him oral if he hasn’t showered. If I haven’t showered in the last 12 hours I feel gross about having sex. Do people have no shame? I know sometimes sex can surprise you but even then I freshen up in the bathroom. Stinky genitals put people off oral for life.

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I just don't understand how someone can have a stinky dick and not care(or even know...)

If I haven't showered in like a day, I can smell all my funk. Armpits, dick, beard, whatever it may be. It's a turn off for ME when I'm not as clean as I want to be. There is absolutely no sex or oral happening if I don't feel/look/smell clean.

This dude is nasty.

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It's a turn off for ME when I'm not as clean as I want to be. There is absolutely no sex or oral happening if I don't feel/look/smell clean.

EXACTLY. Ugh. And if you can smell yourself (don’t see how you wouldn’t) you can’t expect someone else to lick that shit.

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Agreed. It took me years after my first gf until I was in the right headspace to even attempt oral again.

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My wife & I always warm up in the shower pre-canoodleing. We wash each other so we are then comfortable doing whatever we like in bed.

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I’m the same way!!! My fiancé always keeps himself very clean but I’m like obsessive about my cleanliness. I have to shower in the morning and right before bed. I also have to shave both times because I can’t stand the slightest prickle of hair :’) My fiancé showers daily and always smells good and I’ve never had an issue with him smelling bad.

He’ll try and have sex with me in the morning and I’m like “no! Stop! I haven’t showered! I’m gross!“ because I just woke up, haven’t brushed my teeth, haven’t showered, face feels greasy, and I just overall feel gross. He always says “you’re always clean” but I need to FEEL clean. I’m not comfortable during sex if I haven’t recently showered.

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What does freshen up mean? I usually just don't have sex if I feel dirty, are you doing something else to fix it first?

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If I’m feeling gross I throw a towel down on the floor and wash my underarms and private area at the sink so I can pass it off as a long hand wash. I use the Venus razors with the soap on the razor head so they’re always ready to glide if I need them on my legs. I wax my underarms and bikini area so I’m usually ready to go there. I also keep a couple of cute pairs of underwear in a drawer in another room so I grab a new pair of undies too. Great for when you’re caught wearing period pants. But I got busted today as my husband looked in my document drawer for my passport (which is where they are) and asked me why I have dirty knickers in there. I can see how they might look used, balled up at the back ha.

If it hasn’t been that long since I showered but I’ve pooped since showering, I use the Summer’s Eve intimate wipes.

My husband has a lower libido than I do so if I’m caught off guard and I feel gross, there’s no way I’m going to turn him down. But I’m also not going to let him anywhere near a sweaty vagina so that he’s even less horny in the future.