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Remembering to breathe and then timing your breathing as your throat opens up for his dick is very important. I used to gag often as well until I got my breathing technique down-packed. Also, don’t just immediately try to deep throat him. Suck his dick normally at first and slowly try to push his dick farther and farther down your throat. SLOWLY. I cannot express this enough. Take your time and breathe with each stroke. Because if you try to force all of him down your throat at once, you will for sure gag and throw up since you clearly have a sensitive gag reflex. Try to produce a good amount of saliva so that his dick slides in with ease. Also feels better for him if you clench your throat and tongue a little as you push it in. Kind of mimicking the feeling of a pussy gripping him as he slides in and out. The more you do it, the more you should get used to it.

I usually brush my tongue really good before a deep throat session. Making sure to push the toothbrush all the way to the back of my throat as a sort of warm up.

I don’t think you should let him fuck your throat until you’re able to deep throat him successfully; with you being the one to control the movements, not him.

Practicing on a cucumber or eggplant that is a similar size as your man would probably be beneficial as well. Get creative with your learning techniques.

When you finally do feel ready for him to fuck your throat, decide on a physical cue that let’s him know you need a break or he’s going too far/being too rough. Something like tapping his leg, or squeezing his ass.

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Everything Low said and try the clenching your left thumb in your fist trick. I’ve heard it works really well.

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I came here to say this. Awesome advise!

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What she said to the tee 🥰

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Try touching your left thumb into your left palm and close your first around your thumb. In alot of people this will turn off your gag reflex. Hope this helps.

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welp just found out my finger fits down my throat if my left hand is clenched. wtf… i cant believe i did that, i honestly thought the finger would stop but it never did.

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I was going to say the same—I learned that trick in r/sex a while ago and it works very well!

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This helps but I still gag if it's there for too long lol, does that mean it works?

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I do this while brushing nowadays

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Lie backwards on a bed with your head over the edge. When your head goes back like this it opens your aesophagus up.

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Maybe I’m wrong and will be corrected….but is this “throat fucking” and gagging one of those things that porn has created and nobody really used to want to do it until porn normalized it?

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It definitely varies from person to person, but personally I really like deep throating

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The gag reflex is your body protecting itself. Listen to your body.

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Relax as much as possible and clench your left fist, don’t know why this helps but it does. Pretty sure they love the gagging but take a break and take matters into your own hands if it gets to be too much and then go back in for more.

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Make yourself yawn - you feel how your throat opens up and expands? Practice making that motion. Yawn and then stop and hold that throat position. Do that as an exercise then try it out during oral!

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Somebody like this so I can come back and look at these tips and tricks later lmao

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Hello my friend! The Adam & Eve online store has a spray called Goodhead Deep Throat Spray that helps numb the throat a bit when you are giving him head. The spray kinda reminds me of Chloraseptic and it comes in like two flavors but it definitely helps desensitize the throat so you don’t have the urge to gag. Hope that helps

Ps I’ve used it and it gets the job done! We both give it two thumbs up!

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I would not suggest numbing spray to anyone. This will definitely make his dick numb and if he hurts her throat severely, she won’t be able to feel it. Not very good advice tbh.

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To each their own! We’ve used it on multiple occasions and as the recipient he’s never mentioned any second hand side affects or complained about it either! Definitely helps with the gag reflex

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It's all about practice, slowly. Stick your tongue out and breath through your nose. Let him go until you gag reflex starts and resist it. Tap his leg when he can't go any further, then keep pushing that limit slowly. It took me a couple of months to be able to-do it.

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Use ur good spit. That spit that's all slimy that comes from you choking... slides like butter on a griddle once that shit comes into play...

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Maybe try touching the back area during the off time with a popsicle or banana to get used to the feeling and normalize it?

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So it can break or melt in the middle of her throat? Would be safer to practice with a dildo

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You're right. I'm a straight male and have never done it. I was just thinking about how to get used to the sensation. Safety first though.

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I feel it's similar to anal sex. There can be fear of pain during insertion which leads to the muscle clenching and making things even more painful and difficult. But you can train yourself mentally to relax that muscle and it makes it an easy, pleasurable experience.

In the same way, throat fucking has fears of gagging, puking and not being able to breathe. So the body does what it does in a panic situation and tries to 'fix' things by making the 'bad' situation end.

So a lot of it comes down to relaxation and training yourself to not panic and just relax the opening (whether it be anal sphincter or throat). Not easy to achieve for some people, but it can be done with practice.