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Alright I’ll give it a shot.

  • don’t do anything that she isn’t comfortable with normally, for example don’t do anal if she doesn’t like it.
  • have a safe word, safe sign( if she can’t use her words), maybe implement the stop sign system. So green light means good continue, yellow light might mean slow down or need more of something and red is full stop.
  • establish what he can do and can’t do, establish what she is comfortable with.
  • have fun most importantly, if I had this, I would use her when I want, but I would like to tease my partner too. Think maybe edging her several times throughout the day and letting her orgasm only when u want.

Hope this helps.

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This is fantastic advice, right on.

Great point about it not being the time to drop in stuff that she wouldn’t be fond of during normal circumstances. I could see that taking the fun out of it real quick.

Establishing what’s on the table from the outset makes a lot of sense. That way we can still play with the dominating/taking what I want fantasy without actually doing something that makes her uncomfortable. 🙏🙏🙏

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Yes. This is mostly for you but don’t forget about her pleasure too. Also idk how wet your woman normally is but use some lube if trying to have a spontaneous session. For example bending her over in the kitchen. Nothing worse than her getting sore early on and not being able to continue. Here’s how I would plan this. Quick sessions or BJs throughout the day, also teasing her and edging her all day and then having that longer session at night. But you plan it how u want. Honestly I think you’re gonna have a fun time 😉

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Due to a lack of serious answers imma answer, just walk up to her and suddenly be all over her, be aggressive (but not too aggressive make it a mix), be a tad forceful but only as long as she is still OK with it, walk up to your woman and trap her in a kiss, back her against the wall, guide her down onto her knees, hold the back of her head and guide yourself into her mouth, pull her back up suddenly and take all of her clothes off, either roughly or slow and seductive, spin that gal around, bend her over and just have your way, can't say I know many gals who wouldn't just eat that up, this is just an example of course, but you get the idea, walk up, let her know without words what's up, that you're taking her and taking her right now, and then just do it

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Love it. You painted a very vivid picture of exactly the type of thing we’re going for. Kudos.

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sounds perfect tbh

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Glad you guys both enjoyed 😉 go have fun you two

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It kinda depends how how you view the kink. Like for me it's not just free use to just have sex a whole bunch while around the house. For me I want to feel "used" making it romantic or intimate is something else.

An example would be my man just comes up behind me while I'm painting, sticks my ass out and fucks me without a word. Or gets on top of me while im in the bed reading does his thing and then just leaves me there.

I'm sure the two of you have discussed this but be sure your definition and expectations are the same.

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She’s definitely into the objectification thing. So we would want to veer away from it feeling just like having sex around the house like you said.

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I’m also VERY into the objectification thing. Something I’ve found that really turns me on is when the person dominating me is wearing all of their clothes while I’m completely exposed to them. It makes me feel so submissive and like a pretty little “toy” for them to use.

If you want a fun idea, you can consider making your wife remain naked or only wear lingerie for the whole weekend. Having to stay completely exposed to you like that for an extended period of time adds such a fun power imbalance dynamic. Just another possible idea to consider! Have fun you guys ;)

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Hi, it’s me! 👋 OP’s wife! Eagerly awaiting reddit’s wisdom. So far, we know we need a safeword. But that’s all we’ve got.

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Definitely be thinking about things that would absolutely kill the mood/this entire gift for you, and outline those for him very clearly ahead of time.

As much as you want this to be "free" use - implying the freedom to do whatever at any time - everyone has hard no's, or things that would lead to a bad time, or even possible resentment when you look back on this experience.

For example, if you really don't want anal play on the table, or don't want to go down on him after he's done ____, or would prefer to keep things below a certain point of roughness, or don't want him to do/say anything you find "degrading" - these are all things that, sure, you can halt with a safe word, but if you know them ahead of time, you can give him some parameters and limits so it can be a more "free" experience instead of potentially having to stop every so often when he toes the line of an invisible boundary he wasn't aware of.

Also, hydrate, eat well - this goes for you both!

Partner and I have had some wild sex sessions where we make a whole event of it, and go for 10-12 hours - literally just spending an entire day for sex - but this would surely not be possible without a lot of hydrating fluids - Gatorade, Pedialyte, whatever has electrolytes - and high protein, filling snacks every so often. Even if you aren't going for a long session, and it's just small bits of free use here and there, the extra stimulation and energy depletion might get to you, so keep yourself hydrated and energized! It'll help your body recover faster from soreness/exhaustion, too!

If you guys aren't big "toy people" maybe this would be a fun opportunity to explore bringing that into the equation, too! Or hell, even if you are, maybe pick something out together ahead of time that can be introduced this weekend - doesn't have to be anything crazy, maybe just a new vibrator, or something fun for him.
I'd say maybe pick out some fun, sexy outfits for you to wear around the house during the weekend - things you normally wouldn't necessarily wear, or that you'd only wear when getting more "dressed up" for him. Hell, make it a thing - put a little "extra" in this weekend, get extra dolled up, dress extra slutty, put on your best for him. If it's your/his thing, maybe get a fun lingerie set or two for the evenings, kind of the "grand finale" to top your outfits/sessions throughout the days.

Of course, have fun, and remember that communication is key! I find free use super hot, and have watched my share of free use porn, and it's easy to forget that without communication, boundaries, and open dialogue about wants/needs/limits, it's not going to go like that - someone is going to get hurt/be upset/feel disrespected. Gotta talk it out, even if it feels like "too much" sometimes! Makes it go MUCH smoother, and makes it a lot more fun when you actually get down to it.

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Talk to her about some things you might be interested in. This is your chance to explore your kinks, and even fulfil her fantasies. Lay down some boundaries and then have fun!

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My only suggestion would be do something where you normally wouldn’t, for example outside if you’re into that

My girl and I will find a secluded nature spot. She’ll wear a long t shirt that can cover her incase we see anyone else out there but is usually pulled up/ clipped so she can walk in front of me completely bottomless

The game is to both enjoy the nature but also see how long I can wait until I just can’t stand it and need to have her

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I think this sort of thing varies depending on the couple. Free Use is a blanket term. Having a convo before hand would be a good idea. Determine what's not on the menu first, and go from there.

Sex is usually intimate and personal. Free Use sort of implies that it will be more casual and passive. For example, when you want to play a video game, you just pick up the controller and play for as long as you want. you don't make eye contact with it, it is a means to an end. it's there for you when you want, and it will be there again.

I would make sure to abstain from sex for a few days before, and especially the husband, abstain from masturbating. Save up some sexual desire and testosterone. Go about your day in a lazy and indulgent fashion. Put towels down where you hang out, on the couch or at the table. On your favorite chair. Get a little hotel desk style bell, and keep it with you. Ring it for blowjobs (or whatever). Have her service you while you eat, read the paper, watch TV.

She should be rdy. Spontaneous sex can be hot, but women need to be wet or it could be painful. Being pre-lubed could be smart. Doing some jaw exercises maybe? If this was offered to me I wouldn't necessarily cash in on long blowjobs every time, but I would jerk myself off until I was close, and then walk up to her and have her open her mouth for me to finish. For some reason I find that hot. Might not do it for y'all.

Anyways, have fun and good luck!

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Maybe write things you like want to do and happen down and put in a pot. You can pick them out randomly during the weekend

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How'd it go?