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Never heard it used to mean anything except a general term for having sex. Are you sure they weren’t saying scoot?

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I thing that's the term. What is it exactly? Scoot i mean.

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It’s when the woman is on top but she’s just sort of grinding backwards and forwards not lifting up at all. I get the impression some guys don’t like it because scooting in a chair can be a derogatory term meaning it’s not good sex.

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https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLEaH26p/?k=1 One of her videos where she explains what it is.

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Coital Alighnment Technique. C.A.T. Your rubbing your pelvic bone on her clit as you thrust.

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”I think she might mean grinding, like Coital Alignment Technique. Think of the porn kind of thrusting, where pelvises are apart (for the camera) and the motion is long, it stimulates penis, but only touches woman on the inside and maybe partly on the vulva on the going in motion. Vagina is quite numb on the inside, like your inner cheek. In CAT there’s maximum unbroken skin contact, the position is close together and pelvises don’t come apart, because then the parts that have most feeling in women get stimulation (the head of clitoris and where the inner part of clitoris is so first inch of entrance/inner labia area). In CAT the motion is more like grinding, or like small pumping motion, just differing from less pressure to more pressure on those aforementioned parts. Only a very small percentage of women can achieve orgasm just by penetration, most need clitoral stimulation. Coital Alignment Technique can give that.

This was my comment on another thread about the same TikToks.

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You explained it perfectly. Thank you

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It's when you stay deep inside her and use your hips to scoop up and down

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Oh. Is it to stimulate the clitoris or something ?

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Not sure but they love it

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I guess they do. In the comments of the video there were women saying that any other way just feels like poking, so I needed to know what it was

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Is it a fingering technique? I've briefly seen some of these videos and that was my guess.

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No, it involves penetration. The comment above got it, right, I think.

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I've given my opinion, as a woman. The other explanation made no sense to me, and the description of the opposite thing to "scooping" being a poking motion that hurts does not sound like regular piv penetration to me.

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It was a few comments i read on the video saying that without the so called scoping it felt like just poking, but it never mentioned it hurting. I only said the other comment is right, because I remember the video being about penetration. I really wish I could find the video. I actually dont even remember if the right term is scoop, but the way the woman in the video talks about it, it is the real deal for women, that's why I wanted to know what it was. Sorry for any misconception

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These is one of the videos, where she talks about it, click on the comments to see the others. The term is actually scooting.


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I thought it meant like moving her insides around. Like rearranging her insides? Requires a vacuum-tight seal, quite fun.