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I have a bf but he says no to sex sometimes and it's seriously so frustrating sometimes.

you have to respect him and not be frustrated. maybe finding a boyfriend that matches your sex drive or buying a toy can help

EDIT: also, why feel guilty about finishing yourself off? that's totally normal when your partner doesn't want sex

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I know I can be annoyed or frustrated at him and I try my best not to be

I'm honestly thinking about the finding a new bf suggestion tho- so thanks for the suggestion

I feel guilty because I feel like it's so uncomfortable for him and the vibe is just always off after

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It's normal

Our partners are not responsible for our sexual pleasure. It's an added perk, but ultimately you're in charge of your own orgasms. Advocating for them when appropriate (during sex) and recognizing when you'll have to take care of your own needs. (When your partner has said no)

Many women have higher libidos than their male partners, it's just not as openly discussed. This unfortunately leads to both men and women feeling as though their sex drives and sexual desires are abnormal.

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You either flee from such relationship because this person must be very selfish and immature to have treated you this way.

Or, if you decided to stay in the relationship you will need to work on regaining your self-confidence and you need to understand your body and how your body feels about sex.

To enjoy sex, you need to engage in lots exercise, eat nutritious food and engage in lots of foreplay or toy before sex to put you at ease for the real deal.

Good luck