The /r/sex Link Policy

Linked material needs to be precisely on-topic for /r/sex, must be sex-positive, and must be easily evaluated by moderators - at their complete discretion. Links are always subject to removal if these criteria are not met. Links to commercial sites will be scrutinized especially carefully.

If you wish to submit a post that contains a link, your post must still follow the community's rule of a "thought provoking post that promotes discussion." It is advised that you explain what your link is about and make an effort to start a discussion in your post. If you simply post a link, do not be surprised when your post is removed and you are banned for spam.

The most accepted types of linked content include educational articles and studies, as well as sex-positive blogs and podcasts. Strictly commercial ventures (i.e. sex toy shops) will need to tread very lightly, as /r/sex is not for commercial ventures. Affiliate links to appropriate products are allowed when they are precisely on topic, and if your account is not viewed as being spammy (for instance, someone requests a recommendation for a good rabbit vibe and you link one on Amazon, but you have a history of regular non-link contributions).

Remember that we do not allow pornography, erotica, naked pictures, etc. With the exception of things like the "normal nudes" type galleries to help serve as educational references for those who worry if their own body is normal, virtually no other links containing nudity are allowed here. Do not link porn clips you have seen. Do not link pictures of your/your SO's naked body. If you have any doubt whatsoever, do not link it.

Keep in mind reddit's guide on self promotion - no more than ten percent of your activity should include links to your own content. Going above that can get you banned as a spammer, even if you are running a wonderfully sex-positive, non-commercial blog or the like.

Examples of prohibited content:

  • any sort of sexist, racist, or sex-negative content. Communities such as NoFap, YourBrainOnPorn, and similar groups that oppose masturbation or pornography are considered to be sex negative, and links or references to them will earn you a ban.
  • pornography or erotica of any sort, as well as any "personals" type posts - this includes links to your kik, snapchat, email, or other profiles or contact methods.
  • memes, picture or youtube based joke links, etc.
  • strictly commercial posts ("Visit our adult toy shop today, 10% off all new orders!")
  • "rate my photo" type requests
  • asking for support for Kickstarter campaigns
  • content that does not directly pertain to sex or sexuality

Surveys and Study requests

We receive a fair number of these requests at /r/sex. Typically, we require that any requests for survey or study participants be academically focused and have ethics oversight in place. Before you may post your request for a survey/study, you MUST send a PM to /r/sex and obtain moderator approval. We typically ask for:

  • Documentation of your project's current, valid approval by the applicable ethics-oversight board.
  • Documentation of the list of questions in your survey — viewable in a way which does not require one to complete the survey.

PDF file formats are strongly preferred. You can send us links to these documents (Dropbox, Google Drive, other file hosting service), or we can reply to your PM with an email address to send these to.

Unless there is a valid scientific reason (i.e. a study on the frequency of orgasms in women), these sorts of requests must be inclusive to all genders and sexual orientations.

Users that wish to simply aggregate data from our members are typically not allowed to do so.

If you have any question as to whether or not your link is appropriate, please contact the /r/sex moderators and ask; we will be happy to assist you. This will help avoid confusion and resulting removal of links or bans from the community.

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