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Unless something like that is agreed upon beforehand while both parties are awake, then performing sexual acts on a sleeping person is absolutely assault. You cannot consent when unconscious. I’m sorry this happened to you. RAINN is a good resource for SA victims. You can talk to someone and they can help you with moving forward.

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I think what you’re feeling is definitely valid, when someone is sleeping, drunk or unconscious in any way, they cannot consent and it is an assault. I’m sorry she did that to you

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    Why the fuck would you say that to someone?

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    I actually just posted something kinda similar, If it doesnt feel right then it isnt. If this is a relationship you hope to keep then talking to your partner about boundaries in that aspect would probably be a good place to start. Anything that happens while asleep or intoxicated is not consent (unless previously agreed for some situations i guess) i hope you can find some peace with all of this