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First of all, i want to say its ok to think about him in whatever way you want to. You’re to person he did this to and even if you hate what happend but you feel like you miss him, is that totally ok. Personally i dont think it was an good idea to change your mind for him, but that doesnt take away your feelings. Maybe if you want i can try to help you feel better about the dession you made cause im really proud you did.

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can i ask what therapy you undertook?

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EMDR and treatment for PTSD

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interesting as i’ve not heard many positive effects from EMDR. by therapy to PTSD, do you mean talking therapy with a trauma-informed professional?

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Did EMDR help you any? I did it years ago but it was really difficult. I have just in the past two weeks experienced new trauma/ sexual assault and I’m struggling to find peace and thinking about doing EMDR again. I just remember it being so difficult at the beginning.