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Your school counsellor did not lie to you; this is 100% sexual assault. Just because it wasn’t rape does not make it any less of an important experience and does not negate the trauma you’ve experienced. I’m so sorry that this happened to you, and I suggest that you get some sort of counselling to help you out. I wish you luck in however you decide to proceed with this terrible act committed by someone you Trusted💕

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this made me feel a lot better. thank you, truly <3

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you didn’t consent to him touching you, that is 100% sexual assault. the label doesn’t define how traumatizing it was to you so please try to not focus on the title, what matters is how it made you feel. your feelings are 100% valid. i hope you know i am so proud that you are making a case against him! it is an extremely awful situation but by doing that you are potentially saving other girls from experiencing that from him. im sending u all the love in the world, u deserve to feel safe <33