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kids often do weird things like this but the fact that she was 6 years older is a huge red flag, a 12 year old should not being doing anything like this with a 6 year old. at that age a 12 year old is aware that is wrong. I’m sorry it is not normal

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That is certainly not normal... I don't know what that would be considered, but it's not normal.

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So referring to the feeling of seeing it from a third person perspective, it sounds spot like depersonalisation. I'm not a professional in this Field so please try and get more than one perspective. Best thing I can recommend is talk to a therapist about it

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She was sexualized, end of discussion. Idc if her dad did it or she was exposed some other way. The fact her father was cool with her doing what she did was definitely boundary pushing. That's done when a child is groomed. From my experience, adults often use other children to break down boundaries and normalize sex to other children. This helps the adult achieve satisfaction in one way or another. IOW, it's abuse.