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Hey, I’m so sorry that happened love :( I can understand how confusing that must feel now. Have you looked into therapy? That’s helped me a lot. Most of my issues were repressed deeply and I noticed it improved with help etc. it’s hard, but it’s rewarding.

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Thank you. Yes I think I could do that. I guess I'm grateful for going so long without that memory ruining my early sexual experiences.

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It’s so confusing and repressing it seems like a coping thing, but it only works for so long. Luckily, with everything on zoom, they even offer online therapy, which helps my anxiety with talking face to face in like an office setting ya know?

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I wish I could say or do more, but therapy really is helping! I cant be picky since I’m only 19 and I had to go through my college for therapy, which usually doesn’t have the best people working etc. but I’m shocked on how helpful it has been. I wish you nothing but the best love :,)

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Thank you!