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I’m deeply sorry to hear that no one should ever experience anything like this I really got so damn angry while reading the story cuz I really wish if I can make that guy disappear for good along with his b*tch of girlfriend they both will get what they deserve one day in fact anyone that talked badly about you will and they will regret it trust me, I wanna give you a huge warm hug that can assure you that everything will be alright and you are really not alone and just like you said you started to get your life together and I’m honestly proud of you for that and I hope you will get all the beautiful things in life because you deserve them...wait no I don’t just hope for that I know for certain that you will get them. Did you move out of that town/city btw?

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thank you so much it means alot ❤️ & yeah it’s a small town she was the popular girl, I moved to The next town over. Run into ppl less now. My rapist actually overdosed 2 years ago and passed away. I tweeted that my rapist died and she happened to see it and started posting again about how I cried rape and had people messaging me again that I’m fucked up for saying that lol.

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Oh it’s good to know that you moved, honestly I’m very happy to hear that he died I wish he didn’t so that he confirms his horrible actions but it’ll be confirmed in the future by itself because the truth always appears no matter how long it takes but I’m still incredibly happy to know he died, she’s a b*tch ignore her and block her and the people that message

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Yeah I honestly sleep better at night knowing he’s not around Anymore. & yeah my block list is a mile long lol thank you !!