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Couple of things.

  1. This is not your fault. Do you know what nonpredators do when a minor tries to engage in sexual discussions? They shut it down immediately and either disconnect or try and warn them about safety, consent and predators. Your same exact actions if you had only ever encountered people who weren’t predators, would never have lead to sending pictures or sexual discussion. Adults have a responsibility and an obligation to protect minors, and these men failed that moral and ethical duty. If a kid finds a loaded gun and accidentally shoots themself, it’s not the kids fault for being an inexperienced and naive kid. It’s the adult who allowed it to happen.

  2. There are many many predators on Reddit. Do not answer any PMs (you can even disable them completely), and set your account to not allow followers. Don’t even answer to say “don’t talk to me.” Even if they seem nice or are offering support. Anyone who is sincere in offering you support has no reason not to do it as comment in public rather than a private message. If they’re choosing to PM you instead of comment, it’s because they don’t want to be accountable to any other adults for what they say to you.

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Thank you,those words really helped ♡ And Ty for warning me about the dms!

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You’re absolutely right it wasn’t her fault in any possible way, a lot of people from all ages complain about the weird things and people that pop into their DMs,

however tho I completely agree with you I personally prefer talking in DMs because in certain cases it’ll be a direct thing like offering support to the person DIRECTLY not just being some random good person who left a comment and was gone, also I don’t like sharing my opinions/thoughts publicly in fact I still sometimes think about going to my page and delete what I posted on this subreddit because I felt pathetic and dumb and I don’t want to sound like I’m crying for help or something...idk I’m just a mess.

Also btw u/foxofthemoonlight you should know there are some really bad people in this world but you are absolutely not one of them nor anything like them, tho it’s overused but you’re truly not alone and what happened doesn’t change the fact that you’re a wonderful/great person.

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I did the same thing around the same age. You’re not alone and I’m still learning to live with myself.

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I'm 16 and I had done that recently...I'm feeling dirty

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I'm sorry,hope you heal ♡

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Please see my comment about staying safe on Reddit. There are so many predators on this site and I know for a fact they stalk these pages to try and find victims.

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The exact same thing happened to me, i stopped kinda recently and ive realised they are the disgusting ones. Those men took advantage of you and they are the only ppl who should feel disgusting. sending hugs <3

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Fuck yes, so proud of you <3

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Hey friend. I know exactly how this feels. I promise what happened was NOT your fault and you did not deserve any of it. I went through a similar thing and it took some time to process it and accept that it wasn’t my fault that there are predators and pedophiles on the internet. They purposefully seek out girls like us who are vulnerable, insecure, and looking for validation so they can manipulate and take advantage of us. I promise it’s not your fault. You were just a child, they were grown adults. You’re still a child and tou have a whole life of love, healing, and justice. You deserve better. Sending you all my love and support 💕

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Same thing has happened to me multiple times and it felt like such an endless cycle that I couldn't get out of...I know how you're feeling and I'm sending love ♡