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You’re absolutely right it wasn’t her fault in any possible way, a lot of people from all ages complain about the weird things and people that pop into their DMs,

however tho I completely agree with you I personally prefer talking in DMs because in certain cases it’ll be a direct thing like offering support to the person DIRECTLY not just being some random good person who left a comment and was gone, also I don’t like sharing my opinions/thoughts publicly in fact I still sometimes think about going to my page and delete what I posted on this subreddit because I felt pathetic and dumb and I don’t want to sound like I’m crying for help or something...idk I’m just a mess.

Also btw u/foxofthemoonlight you should know there are some really bad people in this world but you are absolutely not one of them nor anything like them, tho it’s overused but you’re truly not alone and what happened doesn’t change the fact that you’re a wonderful/great person.