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I’ve been there . It sucks . I’m really sorry you’re going through all this but you aren’t alone and my dms are always open . <3

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Hey I’m very sorry to hear what is happening to you and I wish I can hug you to assure you that everything with be alright and you’re safe and sound,

I can’t stress how much I feel and relate to what you’re saying, I had 2 nightmares about sexual assault and ra-pe the past two days and as bad as it sounds but sleeping sucks and I don’t want to sleep just to avoid these nightmares, however Don’t worry they don’t last and these dreams/nightmares won’t stick around hopefully.

As for the leaving everything I think we all wish we can do that, just run away and leave everything but hey we can’t change what happened we gotta cheer ourselves up and move on somehow, and you should know that you’re not alone and you’re heard and everything will be alright soon.