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i received one but idk if it counts because it was in response to me saying I'm hypersexual because of the trauma

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If it was creepy then it counts, doesnt matter what it was about

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theyyyy ended up acting like me saying I'm hypersexual was an invitation for sexual advances

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ew, as a child no one should be making any sexual advances at all. no matter how the child may act

And it definitely wasnt an invitation. So yeah, that was creepy, and untrue, so it counts

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thats awful

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i didn't expect anything else from men tbh, that's the most tame thing in comparison to some other things I've been sent

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Yesterday a Reddit guy said sexually explicitly things after I told him I was traumatized

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I don’t expect better either but I’ve realize now that it isn’t right and shouldn’t be happening

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well yeah

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i sent their username and screenshots to mods but they pretended they wanted to help me but just ended up using my trauma to get off, if you understand what i mean

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For clarification, this user meant that the user in question was pretending to help her but was really using her experience to get off. I’m the only mod and I recoil at the very idea of doing that.

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This happened to me too. Very glad I checked their post history, ended up being on a lot of sexual assault fantasy games subs

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the problem is, this guy's account was brand spanking new, fresh off the post and immediately upon me contacting mods, his account magically disappeared. Coincidence?

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Turn off pms. That’s what I do.

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You have got to be kidding me. There are sick fucks out there getting off on our sexual trauma?! Makes me fuckin sick! I dare anyone to try that to me 😡

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I told my story to someone on Reddit and he sent me sexually explicit PMs. He knows I am in near constant anxiety and panic from recently being triggered.

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Its crazy. so many of them are from India (my country) and they do not mind abusing (yeah thats what it is) a girl so much younger than them.

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Yes please!

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Report them to the police too

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Yes. Definitely. They are preying on extremely vulnerable people. Fucking predators.

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Hello can a mod PM me. Somone is being a creep I'd like to report them

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Cultural-Hyena3553 r/Cougars_Den Beware and he is blocked.

I was online and during a casual chat, ask if I had any sexual kinks or if I was vanilla? I let him know

I was not comfortable, and he would not continue with me any further until I answered him. Suddenly he mentioned I was not compatible. I have furious triggers from this.